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Industrial Strength Precision Cleaner

Experience the power of bubbles

Features & Benefits

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is only moderately difficult to use!

Fill a 50 gallon drum with lots of water and mix in bubble solution all day.

Aim the BubbleClean2000 at something you want to clean.


Turn it on and clean away!

Check out what our happy customers are saying:

B. Frisco

It works as deodorant! Who'd have thought?!

Unverified Purchase
It was one of those mornings where EVERYTHING was going wrong. I was running late and didn’t have any deodorant. The BubbleClean2000 was sitting right there when the lightbulb went off in my head!
J. deGrom

Using the bubbles to enhance my grip on the ball!

Verified Purchase
Being a great pitcher is all about getting a good grip on the ball. I’ve found nothing that works better than a good bubbling before the game. LGM!
D. Goldberg

No more trying to make bubbles with old soap!

Verified Purchase
I was using a bubble-making method that had been passed down through many generations. It involved scrummaging old yard sales for old used soap, which apparently makes for great bubbles. Only after weeks of repeated bathing with the old soap would it be ready to produce great bubbles. Now with the BubbleClean2000, that method is a thing of the past!

Ehh. It made a bigger mess.

Career Bad Reviewer

Let me start off by saying that I NEVER leave bad reviews for anything unless I truly feel the product or service was terrible. I purchased this product for the sale price of $4,995.95, but was hit with a surprise charge of an additional $374.34 for “random fees.”

If it wasn’t for the fact that it actually did clean surprisingly well, I’d leave 0 starts… but it got bubbles literally EVERYWHERE! WHAT A MESS!!!

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